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2015 - 2017 UTPB Undergraduate Catalog 
2015 - 2017 UTPB Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Intercollegiate Athletics

Athletic Department Philosophy

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin (UTPB) Intercollegiate Athletics Program exists to afford students the opportunity to participate in a structured program of athletics as they work toward their college degrees.

Students participating in athletics must understand that although participation in athletics can be a rewarding and memorable aspect of the college experience, earning a degree should be their primary goal. They should be committed to regular attendance, academic integrity, and the realization of their academic potential.

There are educational values to be obtained through participation in a structured program of athletics. Athletic participation shall assist in the development of the whole individual: physically, cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually. Accordingly the welfare of student athletes is vitally important. UTPB student-athletes have access to health care and mental-health services as well as academic tutoring, counseling and advising as a means of contributing to their well-being and development.

UTPB student-athletes are encouraged to interact with individuals from all areas of campus in order to enhance their social development and quality of life. They are encouraged to participate in student-life programs such as the Campus Activities Board, Student Senate, intramurals, campus clubs and student housing activities as a means of interacting with individuals of various races, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The Athletic Department strives to offer equitable participation opportunities to men and women as it fosters acceptance and discourages discrimination of any kind. The Athletic Department will strive to achieve diversity in its Administrative, Coaching and Support Staff positions.

The Athletic Department’s Administration, Coaching Staff, Support Staff and Athletes are committed to:

  • Principles of sportsmanship and fair play
  • Ethical activity in the areas of recruiting, athletic competition and academic achievement
  • Amateurism in college sport
  • Compliance with all NCAA, Heartland Conference, and University of Texas System rules and regulations

UTPB Athletics at a Glance

The current athletic program was started in 1994 and is funded through student fees and public donations - state funds cannot be used. In 2016, we will support 16 varsity teams; nearly 450 students will be involved in the athletic program as athletes, trainers and managers. Furthermore, admission to home athletic events is free to all UTPB students.

The men’s sports program will include football, soccer, cross-country, basketball, swimming, tennis, golf, and baseball. The women’s sports program includes volleyball, soccer, cross-country, basketball, swimming, tennis, golf, and softball. The UTPB sports program is affiliated nationally with NCAA Division II and participates in the Heartland Conference. Heartland Conference Championships have been won by Volleyball (2008), Baseball (2009), Men’s Basketball (2011), and Women’s Basketball (2013). The program awarded nearly $900,000 in athletic scholarships in 2016-2017.

General Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible to participate in Intercollegiate Athletics, students must meet all eligibility requirements set forth by the NCAA. Complete requirements are too numerous to list here. A thorough eligibility check is completed before the first competition each season. General eligibility guidelines are presented in following sections.

Full-Time Status

Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 semester hours to be eligible to compete. Students falling below 12 hours are ineligible. In order to assure that students participating in athletics do not fall below 12 hours, an academic hold is placed on the schedule of each participant during the semester(s) of competition. The Athletic Director must be consulted before adds or drops can be made.

Incoming Freshmen

Freshmen must the following criteria to be eligible:

  • Score at least 820 on the SAT or a total of 68 in the five sections of the ACT test taken on a national testing date.
  • Complete the NCAA required core of classes
  • Visit the NCAA Eligibility Center for additional information:

Transfer Eligibility Information

For information concerning transfer eligibility guidelines, please visit the NCAA website and review transfer regulations presented in the NCAA Transfer Guide.


The Director of Athletics is Dr. Steve Aicinena. His office is located in Gym 202. Any questions or concerns about the athletic program may be directed to him.

For Additional Information Please Contact:

Athletic Director: Dr. Steve Aicinena aicinena_s@utpb.edu 432-552-2675
Marketing/Community Relations Gladys Ruiz ruiz_g@utpb.edu 432-552-2675
Athletics Development Coordinator TBA   432-552-2675
Administrative Assistant Monica Parrish parrish_m@utpb.edu 432-552-2677
Athletics Compliance Erin Bohn bohn_e@utpb.edu 432-552-3676
Sports Information: Ryan Haage haage_r@utpb.edu 432-552-2803
Athletic Training: Nydia Cabra cabra_n@utpb.edu 432-552-2679
Baseball: Brian Reinke reinke_b@utpb.edu 432-552-2675
Men’s Basketball: Dwaine Osborne osborne_d@utpb.edu 432-552-3677
Women’s Basketball: Jerome Willis willis_j@utpb.edu 432-552-3679
Men’s Cross Country: TBA   432-552-4678
Women’s Cross Country: TBA   432-552-4678
Football TBA   432-552-2675
Men’s Golf TBA   432-552-2657
Women’s Golf TBA   432-552-2657
Men’s Soccer: Dennis Peterson peterson_d@utpb.edu 432-552-2678
Women’s Soccer: Lindsey Boden boden_l@utpb.edu 432-552-2678
Softball: Tiala Tagaloa tagaloa_T@utpb.edu 432-552-2676
Men’s Swimming: Cameron Kainer kainer_c@utpb.edu 432-552-2335
Women’s Swimming: Cameron Kainer kainer_c@utpb.edu 432-552-2335
Men’s Tennis Steve Buck buck_s@utpb.edu 432-552-4676
Men’s Tennis Steve Buck buck_s@utpb.edu 432-552-4676
Volleyball: TBA   432-552-2677