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2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Accelerated Master’s Program

Accelerated Master’s programs (AMP) allow academically qualified students to complete a bachelor’s degree and a graduate degree (usually a master’s degree) on an accelerated timeline, graduating sooner than in traditional programs. Typically, a student will complete a portion of the required graduate coursework while classified as an undergraduate student, and in some cases will have it count toward both degrees. Participating undergraduates may count up to 12 graduate credit hours toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. Upon completion of all undergraduate degree requirements, the student is admitted to Graduate Studies, where the remaining graduate program requirements are fulfilled. Note: Per SACSCOC, a minimum of 120 undergraduate credit hours is required for a bachelor’s degree and 30 hours for a master’s degree.


General requirements:

  • Ninety (90) undergraduate credit hours must be completed, including 15 hours in the undergraduate major,before a student may apply.
  • The student must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 and 3.25 in the undergraduate major.
  • Admission requirements for the graduate major must be met in order for the student to enroll in graduate-level coursework.
  • The student must have met with both the undergraduate advisor and graduate advisor to develop anapproved Program of Study, including a plan for advising and notation for financial aid impact.
  • Up to 12 credit hours of structured graduate course work may be applied toward undergraduate degree requirements.
  • Total combined credits for both the undergraduate and graduate degree must be at least 150 credit hours (120 for bachelor’s and 30 for master’s), even if graduate coursework is used to fulfill undergraduate degree requirements
  • A minimum graduate GPA of 3.0 must be maintained, and participating students must earn at least a ‘B’ in graduate coursework used to fulfill undergraduate degree requirements.
  • AMP students who have successfully completed all of their undergraduate degree requirements and maintained the requirements of the AMP will be granted automatic admission into Graduate Studies and the corresponding graduate program. They must submit an admission application, but all other admission requirements will be waived, including the GRE test scores.
  • Degrees are completed sequentially. The bachelor’s degree must be conferred as soon as requirements are met and will be required for full admission into the corresponding graduate program.
  • Students must pay graduate tuition whenever taking graduate courses.
  • Students that are in the 4+1 program excluding 5th year Accounting will not be eligible for financial aid of courses taken at the graduate level


Admission to the AMP

The AMP Coordinator in the department coordinates admission into the AMP. Once a student has been selected for the AMP, the AMP Coordinator will fill out an AMP form with the student, and the Office of Graduate Studies will properly code the student within the system. Once their undergraduate requirements have been met, the AMP coordinator will assist AMP students in applying through ApplyTexas for admission to Graduate Studies.


Graduate Admission Requirements

Following successful completion of the bachelor’s degree, the AMP student will apply for admission to Graduate Studies under the specified program. The application requirements will then be waived, and the student will automatically be admitted to the graduate program. From there on out, the student will be considered a graduate student and remain in the AMP until completion of the graduate program.


Student Retention and Withdrawal Policies

  • Withdrawal from the AMP: A student may withdraw from an AMP program at any time by informing the AMP Coordinator and respective undergraduate program, graduate program coordinators (or designees), graduate studies and registrar in writing. Withdrawal is considered permanent, and a student who withdraws may not re-enter the same AMP program.
  • Dismissal from the AMP: Students will be dismissed from an AMP pathway for failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress, which includes:
    • Failure to meet the general AMP program guidelines and specific program requirements.
    • Failure to maintain the overall required undergraduate or graduate GPA.
    • Interruption of the undergraduate course of study for more than three terms, without the prior consent of the undergraduate and graduate program coordinators (or designees).
  • A student who either withdraws or is removed from an AMP may apply to Graduate Studies for admission to a graduate program but will do so as a typical applicant and must provide all required application materials. Such students may still count the graduate credit they earned toward the completion of their undergraduate degree requirements; however, they may only use these courses toward the graduate degree requirements with the approval of the graduate program coordinator, provided the minimum grade was met.
  • A grade of ‘B’ or higher is required for all graduate courses that satisfy undergraduate degree requirements. Failure to earn a grade below a ‘B’ will result in the consequences outlined by the individual departments.

Available Programs: