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2017 - 2019 UTPB Undergraduate Catalog 
2017 - 2019 UTPB Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Visual and Performing Arts

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Administered by the Department of Visual and Performing Arts within the College of Arts and Sciences.

Our Mission in ART is to:

  • Prepare students to become professional artists and educators to develop an attitude that leads to continued study in the liberal arts or professional level in the field as well as to engage in lifelong learning.
  • Offer a diversity of cultural and artistic media in the form of exhibitions, lectures, seminars, competitions, and visiting artist that enhance the awareness of and exposure to historical and contemporary art and contemporary concerns in Art education for UTPB students as well as the residents of the Permian Basin.
  • Provide the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to teach all levels of Art.
  • Serve non-art majors by offering courses in Studio Art, Art History, and Art Appreciation.
  • Provide all students with a quality educational experience in the Visual Arts and to serve the Permian Basin as a resource for Arts-related programs.

The Discipline’s Goals in ART are to:

  • Provide undergraduate students, many of whom are first-generation university students, with access to an excellent and personal experience in the visual arts and the liberal arts.
  • Recruit and retain highly qualified students, to encourage the development of their potential, and to provide a high quality environment that prepares them to become professionals in their fields.
  • Continue our role as a leader in visual arts education.

Competencies in ART:

  • Learn the functional competencies with the elements and principles of art and design.
  • Understand the historical issues, processes and directions that support the creation of art.
  • Have the opportunity to exhibit art and participate in critiques of personal adn peer work.
  • Analyze and evaluate art and its practices using historical and contemporary references.


The Art discipline of the University of Texas of the Permian Basin is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

General Information


When matriculating to UT Permian Basin as Freshmen, students will be assigned an advisor through the Academic Advising Office (Mesa Building). Upon completion of the core courses, and advancement to junior standing, a Faculty member from the Art discipline will be chosen for each student. The Faculty member will advise the student until graduation. Should the student prefer a different Advisor, a formal change must be processed.

Advanced Placement

Students who have completed Advanced Placement art courses in high school, earning scores of 4 or 5, may receive the following credit toward UTPB degrees in art:

AP Art Examination UTPB Equivalent Credit
Art History ARTS 1303 , ARTS 1304 : 6 credit hours
Art: Studio Art, Drawing Portfolio ARTS 1316 : 3 credit hours
Art: Studio Art, Two-Dimensional Design Portfolio ARTS 1311 : 3 credit hours
Art: Studio Art, Three-Dimensional Design Portfolio ARTS 1312 : 3 credit hours
International Baccalaureate

Students who have completed the International Baccalaureate ART/DESIGN higher-level examinations with a score of 5 or higher should consult the Chair of Visual and Performing Arts regarding the application of IB credit toward degree programs in Visual Arts. Students who wish to petition to substitute IB work for credit other than an art elective should be prepared to show a portfolio of work to the faculty in Visual Arts.

Degree Plan

A degree plan is the official document of the University that lists all courses necessary for a student to complete a chosen degree. It shows how all of the courses will be completed in order to earn the degree. Students should file a degree plan when they reach the sophomore level of their chosen major. This document is signed by the student and his/her advisor and is subsequently submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

Degree Audit

A degree audit is the official document of the University that lists all the courses taken by the student or courses that the student is currently enrolled in to complete a chosen degree. It shows that all of the requirements have been met in order for the degree to be awarded. Students MUST meet with their advisors and file the degree audit the semester prior to anticipated graduation. This document is signed by the advisor, the Chair of Visual and Performing Arts, and is sent with accompanying materials to the Registrar’s Office prior to graduation..


Art scholarships have been established through gifts from faculty, alumni and friends of the Visual Arts Department. In addition to endowed scholarships, occasional annual scholarships are awarded.  Applicants for all scholarships in Art must be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours and be declared Art majors at UTPB. Additional criteria for each scholarship, application materials and deadlines are available through the office of Financial Aid.

Nancy Fyfe Cardozier Gallery

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin is fortunate to have its own exhibition space. This is due to the generosity of Dr. V. R. Cardozier, President of UTPB from 1974-1982. We present a broadly based exhibition program with emphasis on contemporary art. Among other exhibitions scheduled throughout the academic year, there are two student shows: the Freshman/Sophomore show generally held in late November and the Junior/Senior show in late April. Awards are given to students based on the evaluation of an outside judge. This is another opportunity for students to receive aid for tuition or the added expenses associated with becoming artists.

Degrees in Art

UT Permian Basin offers two degrees in the area of Art: the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). The BA with a major in Art requires either an eighteen credit hour minor or the Teacher Certification component, which consists of twenty-four credit hours. The BA in Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design requires a minor in one of the following disciplines, Marketing, Communication or Computer Science. The focus of the BFA is a professional degree in Studio Art.

Studio courses at UTPB meet two days a week for 2 hours 50 minutes. All Art majors are required to meet the

15 sch visual arts core prior to taking junior or senior courses. Students who transfer to UTPB and have not met the core requirements must also complete the core before taking upper- level art courses. These core foundation courses prepare students for Junior and Senior level courses and are necessary for advanced work.


Students need to be aware that courses in the Visual Arts will require art supplies in addition to textbooks. Some art supplies can be expensive. Most of the supplies can be purchased at arts and crafts stores and large chain stores (Walmart, Target, etc.). Supplies can also be purchased from an online store. The Visual Arts Department will provide some of the supplies and equipment required for the courses. Students are responsible to have the art supplies needed for the course. Student’s who are not prepared with the supplies at the beginning of the semester will not be able to complete their assignments on time. Most of the art instructors have a supply list that they can provide to students prior to the start of the semester. Please call the Visual Arts Department for information.


The Communication Division is Administered by the Department of Visual and Performing Arts within the College of Arts and Sciences. The degree program in Communication will expose students to courses in the mass media, social science, and rhetorical traditions and will prepare students for a wide range of possible careers as well as for graduate and professional studies. Students will take a series of prescribed courses across the curriculum as well as several electives designed to meet their particular interests and needs. Each Communication student should be better prepared to use critical skills in a rapidly evolving workplace.

Fine Arts

Administered by the Department of Visual and Performing Arts within the College of Arts and Sciences. Consult with the departmental office or the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advising Office for a list of faculty advisors.


Music Degrees

Both a major and a minor in music are available to students at UTPB. The Bachelor of Music degree is a comprehensive, professional degree. Through a sequenced series of courses and pre-service public school teaching experience, students who successfully complete the degree fulfill the requirements for Texas EC-12 teacher certification in music. The music degree prepares students for positions as choral, instrumental, or general music teachers at preschool, elementary, junior high, or high school levels. The music degree requires a minimum of 127 credit hours to complete and will require students to spend approximately two-thirds of their time in music and teacher certification study.

Within the Bachelor of Music degree, three emphases are available: Choral/Vocal emphasis, Wind/Percussion emphasis, and String emphasis. Specific information regarding courses required for specific emphases and teacher certification may be found below. Further information on Texas teacher certification and requirements may be found at http://soe.utpb.edu/initial-teacher-certification/.

Music Degree Audition Policy

Students interested in a major in music must go through a two-part admissions process. All students must be admitted to the University through the regular freshman and transfer admissions processes. In addition, all freshmen and transfer students must audition in order to be accepted into the music education program. The audition will differ slightly based on the track (choral, wind/percussion, or strings). Auditions may be arranged on an individual basis prior to the semester for which the student is seeking admission.


Students interested in a major in music—choral track must pass an audition before they will be permitted to enroll in the music degree program. During the audition, students must demonstrate: 1) the ability to accurately reproduce pitches; 2) possession of appropriate range, tonal beauty, and vowel accuracy; 3) the ability to repeat brief melodic fragments; 4) the ability to accurately reproduce written rhythmic patterns; 5) the ability to sight-sing a passage equivalent in difficulty to that of a Bach Chorale; and 6) the ability to perform an accompanied solo demonstrating a high degree of musical artistry.


Students interested in a major in music—wind/percussion or string track must pass an audition before they will be permitted to enroll in the music degree program. During the audition, students must demonstrate: 1) the ability to play pitches accurately; 2) possession of appropriate range, tonal beauty, and technical facility; 3) the ability to sight-read a passage chosen by the music faculty; and 4) the ability to perform a solo demonstrating a high degree of musical artistry.

Proficiency Exams

Before beginning the junior year, music majors must pass an exam to demonstrate that basic musical skills have been mastered. For detailed information regarding the exam, please see the Music Student Handbook. All music majors must pass a piano proficiency exam prior to graduation. The exam may be taken at any time during the course of study. Please see the Music Student Handbook for more information.

The non-music major

The Music Program at UTPB serves students in other fields of study from within a broad liberal arts curriculum. In this role, it provides:

  • A core of basic courses and musical experiences to meet general education requirements in music for the university student population
  • An awareness of the interrelationship between the arts and other academic disciplines
  • Opportunities for individuals to develop an articulate aesthetic sense and to become discerning consumers and patrons of the arts
  • Performance experiences for musicians of various skill levels, through ensembles open to membership without audition and auditioned ensembles designed for students with who desire a more rigorous schedule and heightened performance experience.

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