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2015 - 2017 UTPB Undergraduate Catalog 
2015 - 2017 UTPB Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics, BS

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Degree Requirements

The minimum total credits required for a B.S. in Mathematics is 120. Of these, 48 must be upper level hours (that is, from courses with an index 3xxx or 4xxx).

General Education Requirements (42 sch)

Communication (6 sch)

Language, Philosophy, and Culture (3 sch)

* UNIV courses are open to students in the Honors Program only.

Mathematics (3 or 4 sch)

Political Science (U.S., State of Texas and Local Government) (6 sch)

Creative Arts (3 sch)

* UNIV courses are open to students in the Honors Program only.

Component Area (3 sch)

Major Requirements

In addition to General Education and Computer Use requirements, a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics requires (1) an English course (in addition to a course that satisfies a Gen Education requirement) and (2) NTSC 4311 . Also, a B.S. in Mathematics requires a minimum of eight courses (at least 24 semester hours) beyond the level of Calculus.

Plans of study in mathematics have a common core of courses listed below.

The remaining three advanced courses required to complete the major are selected in consultation with the student’s advisor. Each course must be beyond Calculus. The final program must contain at least 18 semester hours at the 3000 and 4000 level. The choices should address the student’s educational objectives and may, with prior approval of the faculty, include appropriate quantitative courses in operations research, econometrics, and computer science. No more than 45 hours of mathematics may be applied toward the 120 semester hour minimum required for a degree.

Mathematics majors at U. T. Permian Basin are required to complete a minor of at least 18 semester hours, 9 of which must be of junior or senior level. The choice of the minor is up to the student, but it is recommended that the choice also be made to facilitate the student’s educational objectives.

Computer Use

Mathematics majors must demonstrate a basic use of computers through completion of a course such as one of the following: COSC 1335 , COSC 1430  or COSC 2320.

Teacher Certification Considerations

Mathematics Majors

Mathematics majors seeking certification at either the 4-8 or 7-12 level must take MATH 3350 Topics in Geometry . All certification students are strongly encouraged to elect MATH 4325 Number Theory .

TExES Requirements

Candidates for TExES tests in Mathematics must have completed the courses listed for each area below or equivalent courses in their teaching fields.

Mathematics 7-12: Complete the courses for the BS in Mathematics
Mathematics 4-8: Complete the courses for the BS in Mathematics, or the BA in Multidisciplinary Studies with 24 hours in mathematics.

Hours from Other Institutions, if any

To graduate, a student must have:

  • At least 120 sch in total from courses at UTPB or accepted for transfer;
  • At least 48 sch from upper level courses at UTPB or upper level courses transferred;
  • At least 30 from UTPB.

Further Notes on Graduating

  1. It is the student’s responsibility to read the UTPB catalog and be familiar with and fulfill all the requirements for the B.S. degree.
  2. A candidate must receive a C grade in all courses that fulfill either a General Education requirement or a major requirement.
  3. A candidate must maintain a grade point average of at least 2.0 (or C) in all courses applicable toward the B.S. degree.

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