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2019 - 2020 UTPB Undergraduate Catalog 
2019 - 2020 UTPB Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Social Work, BSW

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The Bachelor of Social Work Program at UTPB was fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education in June, 2007, and re-accredited with Full Accreditation in June, 2011 for the standard CSWE 8-year cycle. All graduates of this program are eligible to sit for the LBSW licensing examination given by the Texas State Board of Examiners for Social Workers, and therefore eligible to be licensed as baccalaureate social workers in the state of Texas.

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Social work program is to train generalist social work professionals capable of providing culturally competent services within diverse, multicultural communities. Through all its activities, the program seeks to foster the fulfillment of human potential, promote social and economic justice, and contribute to the development of a social culture that respects the dignity and worth of all members of society.

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program is designed to provide training to prepare graduates for entry level generalist social work practice or for admission to a graduate program in social work. Such training includes helping students develop and strengthen their sense of social responsibility, appreciation for diversity, understanding of the realities of discrimination and oppression, and knowledge of core social work values, ethics, and skills. Specifically, the BSW program seeks to achieve the following goals:

  • Prepare students for agency based generalist social work practice with individuals, families, and communities
  • Develop/strengthen the ability to apply critical thinking skills in a professional context
  • Understand the effects of diverse backgrounds and membership in a population-at-risk on individuals, families, and communities, and the mechanisms of oppression and discrimination
  • Understand that the professional roles and responsibilities of social workers include efforts to promote social and economic justice and alleviate unjust social, political, and economic conditions
  • Demonstrate the ability to carry out professional practice congruent with the NASW Code of
  • Ethics, including the ability to practice without discrimination based on group membership The Bachelor in Social Work program prepares graduates to work in a variety of public and private service settings, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, mental health clinics, family service agencies, Texas regulatory agencies, schools, police and sheriff’s departments, and a wide variety of other state, community, non-profit and for-profit agencies.

Degree Requirements

  1. Read the UTPB catalog and be familiar with all requirements for the BSW degree. It is the student’s responsibility to know/fulfill all requirements.
  2. At least 48 sch must be taken at the upper level.
  3. At least 30 of those hours must be completed at UTPB.
  4. All Field Practicum courses must be completed at UTPB
  5. An overall GPA of 2.5 or higher for all classes taken at UTPB.
  6. A minimum average grade of “C” in all courses counting towards the BSW, including general education core and elective courses.
  7. A minimum grade of “C” in all social work core courses.
  8. Students who enrolled in a Texas public institution of higher education as first-time freshman in the Fall 2007 and thereafter are not permitted to drop more than six courses during their entire undergraduate career (Texas Administrative Code 4.10). This limit includes all transfer work.

General Education Requirements (42 sch)

Communication (6 sch)

Life and Physical Science (6 sch)

Political Science (U.S., State of Texas and Local Government) (6 sch)

Social and Behavioral Science (3 sch)

Component Area (3 sch)

Additional Social Science Requirement (3 sch)

Both courses are required for a Social Work major.  Select the one not used to fulfill the general education requirement.

Computer Use

All Social Work students must demonstrate a basic use of computing through the completion of PSYC 3301  or SOCI 3317 .

Major Requirements

The BSW degree requires a minimum of 120 sch, with at least 48 upper level credits (3000/4000) and DOES NOT REQUIRE A MINOR.

Electives (24 sch)

Choose a minimum of 24 elective credits, or the number required to complete a total of 120 credit hours. The following are recommended.

Field Placement

The program requires 12 credit hours (480 clock hours) of field practice experience. This will be satisfied by two SOWK Field Practicum placements taken in the senior year, SOWK 4480 /SOWK 4280  and SOWK 4481 /SOWK 4281 . Enrolled students will work in a social service delivery agency under the supervision of a qualified social worker. Social Work faculty will provide faculty liaison services to monitor the student’s progress within the field placement. Students who have completed the general education core courses and the majority of the social work core courses should apply for acceptance into the field placement in the long semester prior to the semester they anticipate entering field. Application for field placement is made with the Director of Field Education.

Social Work Minor

Students interested in a social work minor can find the requirements under the Programs of Study link or by clicking here Social Work Minor  

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