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2019 - 2020 UTPB Undergraduate Catalog 
2019 - 2020 UTPB Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemistry, BS

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Chemistry is a central science that provides a basic understanding needed to deal with many of society’s needs. It is a critical field for man’s attempt to feed and clothe the world population, to tap new sources of energy, to improve health, and to protect our environment. All life processes are manifestations of chemical change. Understanding chemical reactivity is necessary for our understanding of life and the world around us. Modern chemical instrumental techniques furnish a crucial dimension. They account for the recent acceleration of progress that now promises especially high return from the investment of additional resources in the field of chemistry. The chemical industry of the U.S. employs over a million people. There is no basic science that offers greater security for investment in the future than chemistry.

The Chemistry program leading to the Bachelor of Science degree at U. T. Permian Basin follows the guidelines of the American Chemical Society for a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. This degree is appropriate for a student who wishes to pursue a professional career in any field of chemistry. The B.S. in Chemistry (Biochemistry Track) is designed for students pursuing a career in a health profession and who desire a strong background in this central science as preparation for medical, dental, veterinary and pharmacy schools, as well as teaching. The B.S. in Chemistry (Environmental Chemistry Track) is designed for students pursuing a career related to the environment. The B.S. in Chemistry (Nuclear Chemistry Track) is designed for students interested in employment in the nuclear energy industry. Pre-Pharmacy and Chemical Education tracks are also presented.

Degree Requirements

The total semester credit hours required for a B. S. in Chemistry is 120.

General Education Requirements (42 sch)

Communication (6 sch)

Mathematics (4 sch)

Physical Science Requirement (6 sch)

Political Science (U.S., State of Texas and Local Government) (6 sch)

Component Area (3 sch)

Component Area Option (2 sch)

Common Science Requirements (16 sch)

Required Chemistry Courses (42 sch total, ≥ 26 sch upper level)

Minor (20 total, 12 upper level)

In general, a minor consists of 18-24 sch of which 9-12 sch must be upper level. Please refer to the catalog for specific requirements for each individual minor.

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